Sunday, 19 April 2015

Alas Poor Ermintrude

It seems to be quite rude,
to dump poor Ermintrude.
My faithful steed that I passed on
when I thought I was done
with riding on two wheels.

Alas, poor Ermintrude
My bicycle became a unicycle...
though not designed to be thus
I must not make a fuss!
Beyond repair poor Ermintrude is broken.

Alas poor Ermintrude
You were named after a flowery cow
I remember now not why or how
that the idea sprang to being
but it really was a'moo'sing

Alas poor Ermintrude
it is time for you to go
and be recycled, don't you know.
What better end could there be
than to recycle a cycle you see!