Thursday, 16 April 2015

Bins, Reports and Humbugs

As I sit contemplating the day,
it seems such a short while ago
that I was snuggled under my duvet,
Yet today has been a busy day.

I awoke to a text,
But before I even read it
I knew what the wording of the text would be .
One word.
Three letters.
Sent by myself, to myself.
My Thursday morning reminder...
I acted upon my text before I read it.
Just because I could.
Actually as you can see, the bin usually goes out BEFORE I go to bed.
Normally no text is required.

Work was busy.  Reports needed copying and collating and stapling....and the machine of course chose today to malfunction... Work was so busy that folks didn't realise that I was there, as I was hidden away in the vestry. To busy to be seen...

A quick sandwich and off to check arrangements for the local Hustings which our church was hosting this evening.  Something terrible happens to mugs in church halls.  We had to check that they were all fit for use, and give them a good scrub.

Home to hang the washing. It is still out. I have checked my phone - no rain due. Phew!

Back to the Hustings, sorting last minute odds and ends.  There was a good turn out and the candidates were listened to respectfully, though there were obviously some 'hot' topics, national - immigration and local - the future of the local hospital. I suspect those topics were raised at many hustings being held around the country.  Water and sweets were both provided for the candidates.  Interestingly, none of them seemed keen on humbugs...

And home, and relax.

Then I started to ponder.  "What would have happened differently today if I didn't exist?"  I say this not because I want every one to tell me how they couldn't possibly manage without me or to declare how wonderful I am.  Heaven forbid!  Instead I was reflecting on the impact we have on the lives of others.  As long as there is someone to see her off to school, my daughter would be content.  As long as the reports appeared, everyone at work would be content.  As long as there was someone to talk to my husband would be content.  If I didn't make sure that everything was set up for this evening, then I have every confidence that someone else would have seen the need and stepped in.

There is merit in blending in and standing out.  In blending in, then we remove the focus from ourselves, on to others, and on to God. However we are also called to be salt and light in this world, to be Jesus' disciples in the 21st century. That requires us to stand out, be different, to defend the under dogs, to speak out for the vulnerable.  To make sure that poor, don't just get poorer.

What will tomorrow bring?

I will find out in the morning!