Monday, 13 April 2015

Dreams and Celebrations!

Sunday was a day of celebration - firstly at church, celebrating again the Lord’s resurrection.

Immediately after the service we headed of to help a friend celebrate their 60th birthday - my sort of party - music I could enjoy, without feeling obliged to make a complete idiot of myself dancing to..

...and fantastic food!  This was the cheesecake and it was absolutely delicious!

Monday was completely different - a day of waiting and watching, listening and observing - a complete contrast with its predecessor.  

Painting done - zero, though my charming assistant gave the landing ceiling another coat, and hopefully that will be sufficient.

As we drove out into the countryside yesterday I noticed that the daffs are finished and the rape is appearing - I feel as if spring has passed me by while I have been sequestered within my magnolia exile.  It will all be worth it, I tell myself…

Meanwhile software issues continue to frustrate and irritate those around me.  The problem should be fixed, but for most it isn't.  Sometimes I wonder if software writes its own rules.  "Just who is the master and who the servant?" I find myself pondering….?

Tomorrow the KHT returns for her last term at school and all the pressure the educational establishment will try and throw at her.  The results matter only to them and their beloved league tables.  The grades are irrelevant to my daughter - exams do not measure the things she excels in, they only define her weaknesses, and condemn and exclude her.  
She has her dreams... "Maybe I could be an electrician, I saw a van in the supermarket car park…" Last week she wanted to be a pilot - you need to be happy riding a bike first I remind her.  
Who am I to shatter her dreams?  
Who are we to  destroy the aspirations of anyone else?  
Ideas come into our head, we try them, we test them. Some remain dreams, others dismissed in the cold and sober light of day, yet others will slowly become reality.  
Self awareness helps us to sift between the possible and the improbable, but at the back of our minds is always the thought that if the idea has come from God, then anything is possible, no matter what we, or anyone else thinks.  
God choses the most unlikely people, like me and thee, dreamers and realists alike.