Thursday, 23 April 2015

Questions, Directions and Contemplations

A warm spring evening. We were tidying up the front garden.
Suddenly my daughter said
"Come on, Mum, we need to go up to the top of the hill and watch the sunset."
I was happy doing jobs...
"By the time we get there, the sun will have gone."
"We could run!"
At her insistance I gave in, locked the door and off we went.
We live on the side of a small ridge, so it only took a few minutes to reach the road that runs along the top.
"Now we must cross over," she instructed, "so that you can take a picture."
So I did :)

"Where now?" I asked
"Oh no we just came for a short walk to watch the sunset."
"Lets walk on, and do the short circular walk." I suggested. And so we did. Pausing over the highway to watch the setting sun.
Sadly the Loan Shop across the junction from the school, has not gone away. it has just been refurbished.  Any loan should come with advice on how to get debt counselling and or budgeting training, funded in part by a tax on the profits of these organisations.
We paused over the highway to watch the cars heading towards the setting sun.

"Which direction is Whitchurch?" she enquired.
I gave a vague wave to the northwest.
"Somewhere over there..."
She gave a satisfied sigh.
Imagining a certain large house close to Whitchurch.

We wandered homewards
"I am sorry to ask such a disgusting question, but what is body fat?"
"Without fat, you would be just skin and bone..."
" Just skin and bone?  What about my organs!?"
"You would have those as well..."

We stood in silence,
as we watched the sun set
over the woods.
In front of us were the school playing fields,
protected by a fence.
Brambles formed their own
'crown of thorns'
"Maybe I could get at job at the school?
What do you think, I am enthusiastic and keen!"
"If there was a vacancy, you could apply."
"Hmmm! Maybe it would be simpler if God would just let me go back in time!"
"But you can never do that.
Life is full of moving on, to new challenges and opportunities."

We admired the cloud formations,
for each sunset is unique,
 a never-to-be-repeated display of creation, reflection God's glory.
How many do we fail to stop and appreciate?

We return.
I continue my tidying,
as the sky gets ever redder,
I complete my tidying,
to the accompaniment of birdsong.