Monday, 20 April 2015

The Great Escape

This morning was dedicated to further magnoliarisation.
However, the sun was shining, it was a beautiful spring day and so after lunch escape to the country was on the agenda. My fellow conspirator needed to collect an item from Droitwich, so off we set along the back road, delighting in the unfolding leaves, and glimpses of gorgeous golden fields of flowering rapeseed.  Suddenly we came across a sign telling us that the road ahead was closed.
"Oh no!" said we, "How disastrous! We will have to take a diversion, a meandering, exploring type of diversion, where we will get to see even more delightful countryside!"  Such suffering!

We followed a tractor carrying hay up a delightful lane.
No point in rushing, we don't want to be too close in case a bale falls off...

We discovered the church at Lower Bentley,

Alas it was locked.
I do like the door knocker, it gave the place character.
There was undoubtably more character inside,
as the church dates back to 1874,
but we didn't get to see beyond the green door on this occasion...

 We walked around the perimeter, peering in the windows as best we could, but all we could really do was see out the other side!

The meadows around had their first cut, giving the whole area the feeling of being a large garden, the red brick houses contrasting with the fresh green of the fields and the budding leaves of the trees, well the trees that were still alive anyway. This rather impressive specimen looks to have reached the end of its life - how long before it gets blown down in a storm, I wonder...

Our package was duly collected, and we headed home, via The Jinney Ring craft centre, where they do serve the most delightful coffee cake.  A sheltered spot was procured, and so we sat, enjoying the sun and the view across the Worcestershire countryside towards the distant Malvern Hills.

The antics of the ducks are good to watch -
especially when they decide to have a good splash!

We wandered through a pleasant avenue of blossoming trees, as there was a field of rape close by.

Bravely we crossed a dried up brook, using the bridge provided...
intrepid explorers are we....

Even the rapeseed looked as if it was
worshipping its creator...

Hanbury church looked down, from its lofty position, high on the hill.
I could tell it was unimpressed.
Visitors come, and visitors go.
The seasons pass.
Babies are born,
grow up,
get married,
bring their children to be christened.
Then when their allotted time has passed, they bring them up the hill again,
for the formal farewell.
Returning to place flowers  in their memory.  There is nothing new....

Two horses watch the strange activity of humans at leisure.

Also watching on are the curious cows, who stop to gaze over the fence,
before racing across their field

....full of the joys of spring.

...and that is no bad thing!