Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The KHT who walks by herself

We were heading for a meeting, with plans to drop the KHT off on the way.  As we were chatting we realised that the KHT still onboard.
We passed a cat at the junction and did a quick diversion into a cul-de-sac to turn round.
"I always wondered what was up here." commented the KHT delightedly.
Having turned around we headed back down the road to the junction. By now the cat had sauntered across the road and was heading for the woods
"The cat that walks by himself, all places are all alike" declared the KHT
"...So who said that? I enquired, recognising it as a quote
"Rudyard Kipling she declared.
Then paused as she doubted the implausibility of the name...
Maybe it is Rudey yard Klipping
"No it is Rudyard Kipling, as in Kiplings cakes.
"Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good cakes" recited my husband.

I feel quite sad that my daughter is like that cat that walks alone.  She doesn't really need friends, preferring her own company, free from the agendas and demands of others.  It also sums up her academic career.  She leaves school this summer, and although there have been times when the educational system has worked well, she has sauntered her way alongside the academic system, weaving her way through Maths, science, English and Art. Tasting languages - which she enjoyed, and Geography and History - she has a prodigious knowledge for facts capital cities, flags dates of kings and queens.  However, the work the exam boards require does not match her abilities, so she saunters away...In a few short weeks she will sit her exams and another chapter in her life will draw to a close.  Unlike the cat in the Just So story, she will leave a piece of her heart behind, as she has done at both her previous schools. She will long to return, to go back in time and revisit a place where she has felt safe and secure, and as the summer draws to a close she will face the challenge of settling in to a new environment, where I have every faith that she will soon be lapping up the cream.