Saturday, 2 May 2015

Come Dine With Me...

Saturday lunchtime proved to be a bit embarrassing...
Nothing new there you are probably thinking!
As you may have gathered life is a bit chaotic at the moment and somehow we managed to mislay half a loaf of bread....
The exact same half a loaf of bread that we planned to eat!

We ended up having to do an emergency trip to the supermarket just so that we could have sandwiches.

We had nearly finished our repast,
when we noticed that we had a visitor,
who had just dropped in
and was casually tucking in.
Didn't stop to enquire about the dress code
Just snuck in
in a....

Our surprise diner glared at us,
from their chosen vantage point,
as if daring us to disrupt the banquet -
well you wouldn't would you,
it would be rather churlish to interrogate over a meal.
We discretely agreed to wait until afterwards...

No-one remembered issuing an invitation.
Fortunately, our guest didn't appear to notice any reticence on our part.
Mind you they weren't the liveliest of conversationists!
There may have been a few "tut tut's" under the breath, but that was all..
However, what our visitor lacked in conversation, was more than compensated by the acrobatics our visitor indulged in WHILE EATING!
I do hope the KHT doesn't get any ideas!

However we didn't get the chance to discover more about our connoisseur.
After dining, a there was a brief interval, presumably to aid digestion
while our guest sat surveying the scene,
as if trying to imprint every detail to memory,
Then, without a bye or leave, but with  a few swishes of a fine, if somewhat twitchy, tail
our guest disappeared.

Shortly afterwards we discovered the bread, so now we have 2 half loaves...but we do not hold our visitor responsible, it was all down to human error...