Friday, 15 May 2015


After months of sorting, sifting and 'magnolia'ing, the house is finally on the market!

It has been an interesting journey so far.  There have been times when I have found myself really enjoying the process, but for the most time it has just been a case of putting  my head down, gritting my teeth and getting on with it.  For months it has felt as if my life has been on hold.   Looking at my house devoid of clutter, and looking really empty, I remember how much I loved the house when we first saw it, and it came as a surprise to me to discover that I still love it.

A detached outside would say, "If you love the house so much, why move?"
This is a question that I have asked myself, and although my heart is heavy at the thought of leaving my home, my head knows that this is the right time to move.

Our house was completed in 1920.  The previous owner informed us that work was begun in 1910, but due to World War 1 , it was not completed until 10 years later.  I have no way of verifying this story.  Maybe it was passed down from owner to owner, or just dreamt up to make the house sound more interesting...who knows!  We have been fortunate to have been custodians of this building, caretakers/tenants for a chapter of its life.  In time we will be just names on the title deed. No-one will remember us.  In a few years it will be as if we never lived here.

After months of frantic activity, I feel a mixture of relief that it is finally on the market, hope - that someone will want to buy it, regret that this chapter is drawing to a close and anticipation for what will happen next.

To be continued...