Thursday, 21 May 2015

Unseen Ministry

Insignificant, but moulded in such a way,
to maintain unity.

Small and frankly unremarkable.
There are a multitude of them.
All appear to be identical
and indistinguishable from each other.

Their financial value is infinitesimal,
yet the value of what they hold together,
can be quite significant,
but this satisfaction cannot be guaranteed!

They remain meekly and obediently in rows,
awaiting the call.

If successful in their mission they will be responsible for holding a group together
for as long as required.
No fixed term of office,
contract of employment,
or even renumeration.
They are basically slaves to their master.
Unthanked and unappreciated.

Duty done,
they will be disposed of
without any consideration for their thoughts or feelings.

In order to be used, they must be put under pressure,
and shaped.

Some will not survive this process,
for if they do not get moulded in the 'right ' way,
their life will be cut short,
and they will be ruthlessly disposed of.
Second chances do not happen.

If they fail to perform, they will be replaced
without a second thought.

If they survive,
they can go on to lead a long and distinguished career,
sometimes spanning decades.

However, no-one will notice them,
unless they fail.

The most unjust part
is that the failure will often not be their fault.
It will either be down to the process itself,
or how efficiently it has been executed.

Unfortunately these friends can be sure,
that the only time they will be noticed,
is when things go wrong,
and this is especially harsh,
as it will rarely be their fault.

Yes, it is a thankless task being a staple.