Monday, 1 June 2015

Botanical Mystery

Last week a strange unknown species appeared in the garden.
A botanical mystery, no less.

With an almost instantaneous growth spurt of several feet,
and a curious appearance that did produce speculation among the neighbours.

Achieving over a metre in heigh,
but appearing taller due to it's proximity to the boundary wall.

It had no sideways shoots,
just a strange square shaped display of red and white,
with contrasting darker detail.

The surrounding vegetations rocks and sways in the breeze,
but not my strange triffid,
which remains resolutely upright,
only allowing itself to succumb to the mildest of shakes
despite being exposed to the worst onslaught that the current unseasonal weather can produce!

Within a few days, the bloom took on a different red hue at the top of the flower.
An imaginative person declared that it was as if this section spelt out the word
"S O L D".

As we look forward to the next stage of our journey
what better advice can we have,
than to 'Consider the lilies..."