Friday, 12 June 2015

Wardrobe Crisis

A new wardrobe has arrived.
The husband is keen to define his new territory.
The wife is keen not to have the space allocated as it could restrict future plans.
"So what part is MINE!" declares the husband,
flinging wide the gates and peering inside.
The wife can already hear future conversations playing in her head
"I thought THAT part was MINE!"
" Are you telling me that you need ALL THAT SPACE!!!!?"
and is not keen to find herself committed to decisions she may later regret....
"Just put some clothes on hangers for now and we will see how they fit."
This answer does not satisfy the husband,
but he recognises that it is as good an answer as he will get right now.

A short while later
he attempts a different, more subtle approach...
"Are you having the large wardrobe or the smaller one?"
The wife concedes a little.
"I think we agreed that I would have the smaller wardrobe,  
but also put some clothes in the larger..."
He feels content.
The wife also feels content,
as she has now gained possession of both wardrobes,
with the husband's agreement,
and offers him a small hanger of comfort.
"Don't forget that there is more hanging space in the spare room...."