Friday, 3 July 2015

'W' for?

A rare day out.
"Where shall we go?"
"Let us just go and see where we end up."
"But which direction shall we head?"
"Oh let us go Hereford way."
"Yes. let us go to Hereford and have lunch in that hotel.  It is like being back in the 1950's..."
And so we journeyed, through villages and towns,
through the parched land,
observing glimpses of bare red earth between rows of ripen crops,
past hops and barley
and trees of darkening dusty green
more associated with late summer than early July.
We past Clee Hill and headed towards the ariels of Wooferton,
and then the dawning realisation that
we having never set the satnav to any specific location
were on the outskirts of Ludlow,
which isn't even in Herefordshire
and is in fact almost 40 miles due north!

Ludlow, in the July sunshine is far from the worst place in the world,
with a fine array of architecture to admire.

A splendid array of both black & white and redbrick architecture,

However,  not all the buildings are ancient.
Modern buildings complement their older neighbours.
Somethings are better in miniature -  my daughter was particularly taken with a shop specialising in dolls houses and the wide variety of furnishings from baths to tea sets
with all their intricate detail.

The town has a good selection of independent retailers,
who offer a an interesting range of stock, allowing the consumer choice.
An element the chains of stores,
offering the same goods in every town,
seem to have overlooked!

I was quite looking forward to a wander around Hereford,
and initially I felt that we had missed out
 by our failure to identify our destination...

As I looked at the image from a pup sign above the busy streets of Ludlow,
I realised the the shape could have stood for "Whoops!"
Instead for me it represents "Wanders',
people who travel and explore, not knowing what they will find.
I didn't take a picture of the pub, so I have no idea what it actually illustrates!
A reminder that what we see is unique to us,
what we experience can change the way we think.
That we don't need to travel far,
just be willing to open our minds
and hearts.

Happy travelling!
Enjoy the unexpected :)