Tuesday, 7 July 2015

End of Term Report

In July we gather to share
food, fellowship and experiences of the year.
Words of encouragement are spoken,
Tribute paid to those who have moved on.
This is important,
for we are teams
working together,
supporting and caring for each other.
This is not a task where the work of individuals is revered,
for it is the product of the group that is treasured.
A scripture inspired synergy,
that would do Aristole proud,
as we speak aloud
the scripts we are given,
embellishing our words with actions and songs,
and a cast of tea towels, soft toys and cardboard props
 - without which we would be lost!
No-one is more important
The most demanding and crucial roles
are often the ones that support and guide,
enabling the story to develop
and reach a satisfactory conclusion..

We breath a satisfied sigh of relief,
as the book closes,
the conclusion is given,
the prayer is said,
to eyes tightly closed and hands earnestly clasped in prayer.
The stickers are awarded,
but this week it is for ourselves
as we give thanks for another year of God's generous grace,
and look forward to September,
when the children will have mysteriously grown an inch or so in stature,
inspired by their new exalted status,
as they progress through their education.
so until then 'Open the Book' will close.