Friday, 31 July 2015


When you want to break free,
and travel alone.
No agenda
No contraints.
No-one having a moan

Fly high
fly free
defy the laws of physics
limitations of fuel tanks
or computer controlled flight paths

Wade through murky waters
and contemplating.
The thoughts in my head
are better unsaid,
for you cannot enter my reality.
Your logic and reason,
are as treason to me.

My song is sung alone.
A simple refrain,
Never to be repeated
or scored.
Accompanied by the sighing of the trees,
orchestrated by the breeze

There is pain
harsh and unexpected
Don't take it personally
that you have been rejected
Don't give glory to the wound
It will heal.
It will heal.
It will heal.

Accept that it will always be different
Look for beauty within the inverse
of societies expectations.
There is gold
If you sift.
If you sift.
If you sift.