Sunday, 30 August 2015

Bubbles in my Mind

On balance today has been a good day.
Progress has been made in several areas.
The study has been subdued, but not entirely tamed.
The heap of bags behind the door has been elevated, not eradicated.
The task of sifting through their contents and redeeming any lurking gold,
before disposing of any remaining dross,
still lies ahead of me,
and that does not fill me with great joy.

I have moved my chair to the other side of the desk.
As it is our former dining table this was not difficult,
and allows me to look towards the door,
as well as out of the window - perfect for a daydreamer like me!
The sun shines in the study in the early mornings and evenings.
As I am not a morning person, unless I have just failed to go to bed,
it seems to make sense to look in the direction of the evening skies,
as the sun will have moved round to the side of the house away from the study window
long before I make it out of bed!

As I look back on the day,
I am disappointed at by the irritations I allowed myself to succumb to.
Tomorrow they won't matter.
I am pleased at the progress that I have made in some areas.
I am glad that even though cooking bores me, I took the time to cook a good dinner,
I do not regret that I stayed in this evening, instead of rushing off to yet another church event...
I am delighted I took the time to phone a friend and catch up on news,
Then I remember another person I need to call, and resolve to try and remember to do this tomorrow.

I look around my study,
and note the relentless  rising and falling of the globules in my lava lamp.
Each one is like a new day,
temporarily discrete and complete,
before merging into the whole.
Rising then falling,
according to circumstances it cannot control.
There is nothing new.
Tomorrow, will be another day,
May I embrace the opportunities brought my way,
and recognise the irritations for what they are
- an insignificant distraction!