Sunday, 9 August 2015

House meeting

Landing - OK! Settle down.  I have called this house meeting to give us all the opportunity to discuss the latest developments.
Dining Room - Don't beat about the bush.  We all know we are being sold!
Lounge - Yes, the family are leaving. They have a 'new' house that will suit them better..
Landing - ...and we will have a 'new' family to provide a home for.
Kitchen - ...who will want to stamp their mark on the place!
Bathroom - ...and Kitchen, you and I ALWAYS bear the brunt of any changes!
Stairs - I hate change!
Landing  - Just take it one step at a time...
Loft - Maybe they will have a loft conversion, and I will get more action than just look after the stuff that isn't wanted, but they haven't the guts to chuck away"
Bedroom - Talking of action...
Under stairs cupboard - I could tell a tale or two!
Landing - Ahem!  What about the confidentiality declaration!?
Lounge - I think I accidentally burnt mine.
Kitchen - I KNEW that log burner was a bad idea!
Hall - At least Lounge doesn't set the smoke alarm off as often as you do!
Landing  - I sympathise with you wanting a more interesting role, Lofty, but I need that like a hole in the head!  
Lounge - I hate the noise and dust of home improvements!
Landing - We need to look forward to the next chapter, and concentrate on making the new owners feel welcome.
Bedroom 3 - Do they have any children?
Landing - I think there may be, but I don't know how many or what age.
Hall - Hopefully we will have a few years until we get to the next stage of door slammers.  The previous family had an older daughter who was a master at that...
Porch - Remember when she stomped off down the porch steps...and they broke!
Conservatory - That's not true, is it?
Rooms - YES!
Conservatory - I don't remember that.
Dining Room - Oh it was before your time!
Landing - Ahem!  What about the confidentiality agreement?
Hall - Well they have left, so does it still hold?
Landing - In theory, yes, but as long as we keep it within these walls we should be OK.
Lounge - I bet my leaded glass window is a casualty of progress.
Landing - They will have their own ideas, and we have no control over what they will do.  Our job is to make them feel welcome and to offer them shelter during their time with us.
Dining Room - At different times I was 'Dining Room', 'Bedroom' and 'Study' for the previous family.  I wonder what my next title will be...
Bedroom 2 - Yes, I am waiting to find out what my role will be...
Bedroom 3 - Me too! I wonder if I will stay pink...
Kitchen - Maybe we will get joined together in holy floor-plannery, Dining Room!
Dining Room - A merger certainly would shed more light on the matter!
Porch - Shhh!  I hear a key in the lock!  We are up and running...