Monday, 31 August 2015


On a grey and very wet Bank Holiday Monday,
we continued our quest
to turn our rather empty and neglected front room
into a lounge.
Due to dust allergies we took the opportunity when we moved
to dispose of some of our furniture,
rather than just shift it to the new house.
Our suite was 25 years old and looking rather tired!
Replacing it was not an extravagant whim,
just a painful cost we had avoided for as long as possible.
Old furniture is comfy.
Why replace if you do not need to?

Last week we were able to purchase a new settee,
which was half price in a sale as a deleted item,
rather than vastly reduced in a furniture store,
on a special,
never to be repeated,
Bank holiday special,
ending at midnight,

Today we were looking for a suitable item of furniture to put our TV on...
Yes, we watch so much telly that we can't remember the last time we actually switched it on!
It would be easy to dispense with the TV altogether,
but it is good to watch together, on the rare occasions that we do!
Besides the KHT does like all the shouting on Jeremy Kyle...

Having finally made our selection after many hours of deliberating in many stores,
we had 45 minutes before our time was up in the car park,
so we wandered across the shopping heart of Solihull and back again,
just window shopping in the rain,
as you do on a wet Banky Monday...
It was as we were returning back across the heart of Solihull's retail centre
that I spotted it in a charity shop window.
"That's my scarf!"

Last October I lost my favourite scarf somewhere between the ringing chamber at Beaumaris Parish Church
and the car park by the water.
Here in a charity shop window I discovered a brand new version of the same scarf!
The original was the most expensive scarf
I had ever purchased
from some long gone boutique in Cirencester.
Don't ask me how much it cost,
because I cannot remember!
The replacement,
a deleted line still with tags on,
was on sale for just £4.95!

I had loved this scarf,
because it brought together a lovely array of colours - purple, grey, blue, yellow and purply pink,
plus it had a decorative trim.
Since the day my scarf and I parted company I had looked in many shops,
but never found anything which was a worthy replacement,
until today,
when that which was missing,
was restored,
as if it had never been lost.
I hope that I manage to take better care of the new one!