Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Weather Report

Summer dissolved on 19th August in Pembrokeshire.
One day we spent the day enjoying the beach
followed by an evening exploring Lower Town, Fishguard...and fish and chips...

The next day we awoke to heavy rain that lasted most of the day.

We cannot complain. 
It was forecast.  
But deep inside we hope that the forecast will be wrong.
That the clouds will magically part  overhead and we will be blessed with warm sunshine...
That did't happen.
So we went shopping in Haverfordwest, 
first to Tesco 
and then we joined the throngs at the Withybush Retail Park
 and rewarded ourselves with lunch in M&S.

Later the sun sulkily put in a belated appearance
and we all turned cartwheels in the sand!

Actually, most of us just considered turning cartwheels, 
before dismissing the idea as totally ludicrous, 
and settled for a walk along the beach.
Yes, I know it doesn't look MUCH like sunshine, 
but when it has been raining all day
you set your sights pretty low.
Good job too,  
as the sunshine didn't shine for long, 
before being obscured by a mass of cloud.

Unfortunately wet weather continued to dominate the rest of our stay.

When we plan our holidays we often imagine blue skies and warm temperatures.
Yet on the coast, spells of wet weather are not unusual,
so why should be be surprised or disappointed when the weather turns inclement?

Was north Pembrokeshire any less beautiful in the rain

or the mist?

No, the beauty is still there,
only different.
Failing to meet our postcard expectations,
doesn't diminish the glory of God's creation.
It just changes what we see.

Apart from some periods of warmer weather,
this summer has been very disappointing, weather wise,
especially during the summer holidays.
Now, all we have to do is wait and see if the weather turns warmer
once the children return to school!