Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bridge or Abyss?

Reality - college begins tomorrow
The KHT anticipates that her translation to 'virtual reality' 
will mean that this no longer has any relevance for her.
And all I can do is watch on, 
and pray.
Pray for her safety and protection.
Pray that she won't get hurt.
Pray that she will arrive safely.
Pray that I have the strength not to intervene, 
but to trust,
and for that trust not to be misplaced,
or naive.
I know that if I do intervene, 
this day will still come,
for there will still be a day when I have to let go.
Parenting does not get any easier, 
especially when your child has no sense of their own vulnerability.

So I stand on the edge of an abyss of unknowing,
There are no words I can say that will broker a solution,
for the language I speak is not one she wants to hear.
I am irrelevent.
Only a divine solution will satisfy,
and I am a mere mortal,
and what do I know...