Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Since we recommenced ringing last spring our activities have been triggered by events within the church - practising to improve our skills, ringing for services, or ringing for weddings.  The bells have also been rung by visiting ringers, and although not part of our immediate church family, we feel that there is a connection, as they are part of the wider ringing community.

At various times since the band reformed we have received communications urging us to ring for various landmarks, but either we have felt no real connection, or they have fallen on days when we haven't been able to raise a band.  This evening we gathered and rang call changes, especially Queens, to mark Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning monarch in the realm, wrestling the crown from Queen Vic.  Our ringing wasn't perfect, but we made the effort and took part.  Then we marked the event with a photograph...with some special 'rope' decoration to mark the event....

The old bellropes had been stored in the room above in a large sack - you never know when they will come in useful...

Philip attempted to carry them down, and failed...
He lost his grip and the sack tumbled down the staircase before him - falling through the open doorway and depositing themselves on the floor of the Ringing Chamber.

The tail of the "Q" is the miniature bellrope that hung in the kitchen at the old house and was accidentally left behind when we moved.  It was passed on to my husband when he went to collect a package delivered there in error.

We do not normally ring on a Wednesday evening. I wonder if anyone who heard the bells realised why we were ringing.

Which leaves the question "What will be the next important national event that we ring for?"