Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Grate Expectations

"Look, I am sorry! I didn't mean to..."
"Mean, yes that is a good word to use!
It certainly was mean of you to prematurely end my life!
Years of faithful service I had ahead of me.
Now all that lies ahead of me is the scrap heap!
There is no place for sentimentality.
Forget the memories, the meals, the years of faithful service...
Forget the road ahead,
it has turned abruptly into a dead end,
and all because of your carelessness...!"

"I said I was sorry. What more do you want me to say?
Would it help if I was to do the same to myself?"
Look matey I am beyond help!
I am broken.
Broken beyond repairability.
I have no future, it has been stolen from me.
Stolen needlessly at that!
Oh I could weep!
"I wish there was something I could do to put things right"
It is a bit late to think of that!
You should have done a bit more thinking before..."
"But you can still be used..."
"And that makes it OK does it?
I can still be used...
Oh, I may be for a while,
especially while folks still feel sorry for me,
and try to make it work.
I can milk that one for a while.
But, sooner or later I will be quietly sidelined,
and replaced with something that isn't ugly and broken,
with something that is safe and efficient,
not ancient and has to be handled with care!"
"I never meant all this to happen. I wish you would believe me!"

"Actually I do believe you."
"The problem is not you, but me!
I have never accepted my own mortality.
I never made plans for the future,
or considered what would happen in the long term.
All I was interested in was the present,
and the role I had.
I looked inwards,
not outwards,
and what I found was pretty hollow.
Imagine a life where all you do is take chunks off others.
It's hardly kind is it?
In truth we are all just here for a season,
we just have no idea how long the season will last.
I wanted to last forever...
Grate expectations, or what?"