Saturday, 5 September 2015

In The Gap

Where does summer end and autumn begin?

The heating has been off, but the evenings have been cooler recently, triggering a discussion about when the heating should be put on.  My husband decides to alter the settings on the boiler, and accidentally resets the washing machine back to zero, delaying the wash by a good 20 minutes. Finally, the machine whines to the end of the cycle. I hang the washing and we wander off to the local library, where I was a member for many years until we moved to the other side of town. I haven't really used a local library for about 5 years, and now we are much closer to the branch library it seems right to rejoin.

We register, and the KHT spots a 2p on the desk.
Her eyes light up
"...erm is that anyone's 2p?" she enquires.
"It is the key to our toilet" the Librarian explains helpfully
The KHT looks at it suspiciously, "So it isn't really a 2p, it is a key?"
"It is a 2p and we use it like a key"
At 1pm the library is closing for the day. We successfully negotiated the self-service check out, as there is no other option. No rubber stamping, or glares from a disproving library at your unsophisticated choice of fiction. A machine reads the card and registers your book titles, and at the push of a button prints out a receipt telling you when your fines will begin to accrue.
"When we get home you can make a note on the calendar, so we know when we have to bring our books back before, or renew online."
Over the years I probably have paid for a new library in fines, so I know the importance of getting this right!

The day warms up so I open the door into the garden.
Immediately a frantic wasp is investigating the window blind...
I leave him to his explorations and go and weed the front border.
There are several pots each containing a white hebe, accompanied by geraniums, lobelia and other brash annuals.
The two in crock terracotta pots are not flourishing.
So I replant them into less aesthetic, but more pragmatic plastic planters complete with reservoirs....  They are completely pot bound.
I hope they forgive the disturbance, and appreciate their fresh new soil, more regular water supply, and space to grow!

The sun breaks through the cloud,
I pause from my labours to appreciate the beauty of this September afternoon.
Over on the allotments, smoke billows up.

Oak leaves have fallen from the trees above,  contrasting with the fresh green of the still growing grass.

On the patio, a potted shrub is undergoing a sudden resurgence,
with a second flowering of small delicate pink blooms.

The sweet peas, however, have been disappointing,
showing much potential,
but failing to produce a single bloom!
One bud that showed potential,
has been dined on by some predator,
and hangs its head dismally in shame!

The lawn is looking ragged and unkept.
One man went to mow,
and soon the beautiful stripes are restored,
hiding the numerous undulations,
at least until you walk across it,
and find yourself lurching alarmingly! Interestingly children seem unaffected by the contorted contours!

The Japanese Anemones,
purchased from a church fun day,
hold their own - mocking the paltry attempts of the sweet peas...

Against the fence on the eastern side
four sunflowers turn slowly to seed,
while they wait they peer over the fence by the garage and keep an eye on the neighbours...
Amusingly these beauties were given to me by my next door neighbour before we moved...

Autumn officially begins on the 23rd September,
but in my garden today it felt like it had already arrived,
overtaking summer,
which gives no real impression of wanting to linger.
So we live in this gap between seasons - enjoying the sunshine,
and anticipating the colours of autumn.