Tuesday, 29 September 2015

It all comes back to haunt me...

A few years ago I stopped opening the majority of the post I received, on the grounds that most of it was rubbish. I could detect the interesting ones - the rest I ignored. I still remember a member of my family discovering an item of post I had not bothered to open.
"Aren't you going to open this, it says you have won!"
"But you have won £1,000!"
"No I haven't. It is the Readers Digest so it will be an invitation to go in a draw that I won't win.  Open it if you like..."  And so she did...and upon reading she discovered why I hadn't bothered opening that particular item of post.

In the past I would find interesting items in my email account - messages from friends, important information. I usually read my emails as they arrived.  These days I find it hard to spot emails I actually want to read, as my inbox is so clogged with rubbish.   Having moved house I seem to have gained a whole crowd of followers eager to communicate with me, but I have all the flooring and furniture I require so their messages are wasted on me.  I just delete them unread.   I should have  created a new account instead of using my main account when purchasing items, or researching possibilities, but I didn't. More email addresses require additional passwords. More information for me to forget!  And so all my enquiries come back to haunt me, and clog up my inbox in the process!   Sometime I may just get round to disconnecting from these companies.  Meanwhile just when did emails get to be so boring :(