Monday, 14 September 2015

Lessons I learnt today

1.  Storms pass.  The insurmountable problems, sometimes disappear.  They haven't gone, they are just lulling me into a false sense of security.
2. New lights don't always work.  Neither do the electrics after the fuse has blown, until action is taken.
3. When the fuse is tripped, that means the internet doesn't work either...until it all resets...
4. I cannot please everyone.  People have to work out their own happiness.  I am not really responsible for global warming, the ice age, third world debt and odd numbers of tomatoes. Though, if it satisfies some folk to think I am, then I can play along with it for a while....
5. Even when I am right I am wrong.  Not quite sure how that works.  It just proves that life really is illogical.  Accept it.
6. Even the most boring garden, looks more exciting when festooned with weed suppressing membrane - kind of like Christmas come early, but without the glitter and sparkle!
7.  If the oven is turned down, and no one remembers to turn it back up again, then dinner will be late! Even later than anticipated...
8.  Real friends give constructive criticism and make me laugh. Not everyone is on my wavelength.  For the sanity of the world this is probably a good thing!
9.  There is no such thing as a quick trip to Solihull, especially if I come back via a supermarket...
10.  Always root for the underdog, especially in politics!
11. No one actually knows where Bill's mother lives.
12. As well as investing in other people you should also investing in yourself. 
13.  The missing section of the duvet will always be where you have put it, even if you are not very good at looking.
14. Buying a card is not the same as writing and posting it.  The path to the postbox is paved with good intentions - most of them mine. (Happy Christmas everyone, in case I forget...!)
15. Not every situation justifies bursting into song, but an 80% success rate is both commendable and irritating...
16. Birds and squirrels are not toilet trained. Remember their droppings are really just fertiliser.
17 is an odd number.