Wednesday, 23 September 2015

There is nothing new

Today's Open the Book story featured God's people grumbling and moaning their way through the desert.

Fast forward a few thousand years and God's people are still grumbling.

"The music is too loud"
"Too quiet"
"Too modern!"
"Too (yawn) old fashioned.."

"Uses modern technology"
"Still uses mouldy books"

"Has a leaking roof, and no loo"
"Has a loo, but can't pay their Parish Share"

"Wonders why there are no young people in church...but doesn't want to change a thing.."
"Complains that there are no families regularly attending church, but grumbles LOUDLY about the lack of respect shown by Baptism families"

"Serves fair trade coffee, because they think they should - even though everyone hates it..."

"Disagrees with the preacher sharing his political views, but thinks that he ought to address current issues."

"Thinks that the previous incumbant was far superior to the present one"

"Thinks that 10 minutes is the perfect length of a sermon."
"Is of the opinion that 20 minutes is not long enough for a preacher to engage with a topic"
"Wonders why anyone bothers with sermons - they are boring!"
"Likes a 5 minute nap in the middle of the service.."

"Complains about the lack of heating, but is outraged at the thought of tithing..."

"Prefers the church as it is, so does not see the point of mission?"

"Thinks that Good Friday is too depressing and should be quietly forgotten."

"Approves totally of the 10 Commandments, and pops into Tesco on their way home from church..."
"Thinks the 10 Commandments are good rules to live by, and then proceeds to destroy the reputation of half of the church members over Sunday lunch"

Can anything change?