Monday, 26 October 2015

Across The Border

Bodiam Castle has been on my bucket list since I first saw a picture of the glorious approach across the moat. As we were staying in East Sussex and the weather forecast was good, it was an obvious destination.  However, as we headed off murky clouds slid furtively across the sky, obscuring the sun.
And there remained.

Despite the gloomy and frankly disappointing weather, I still got some interesting shots.

...some featuring my favourite model...
but it was frustrating, knowing how much better my pictures would be, if only they were bathed in golden sunlight.  
Yes, mist, frost, snow or rain would all add mood to my shots, 
but the unrelenting grey murk that Mother Nature had perversely decided to deliver, just did not impress me!  
From time to time the cloud would thin, and we would wonder if the sun would make an appearance before we left.
Having had our fill of vertigo inducing battlements and hauling ourselves up and down spiral staircases, we retreated to watch a short history of the castle.  It was very interesting, but left us feeling as if we would never ever feel warm again.  We retreated to the cafe to defrost before heading off to explore Tenterden in Kent.  
Finally the sun decided to break through
and we spent a very pleasant couple of hours exploring this pleasant town.  
The gentle sunshine illuminated the stone walls of the parish church with bright patches of colour.

The KHT was very taken with the railway station

Unfortunately there were no trains running, which surprised us as it is half term in many places.

As we returned across the churchyard we were surprised to see a wheelchair, lurking in the churchyard.  I have no idea why...

Heading back towards the Sussex border, we were surprised to see the bank of cloud, still lurking.

Never mind, if the sun did not smile in Sussex at least the fish in the moat showed their faces, 
as they competed with the ducks for the bread so generously distributed by the tourists...