Monday, 5 October 2015

"Join our congregation..."

Come on in.
Just push the door open
and make yourself at home.
The seats are comfy,
padded bench seats,
or individual chairs if you prefer.

Come on in.
The place is cosy and warm.
No nasty draughts
whistling around your ankles
or neck.
Take off your hat,
unwind your scarf.
You don't need to wear a coat in here!

Come on in.
Listen to the babble of cheerful voices,
small group discussions on the topics of the day.
The groups organise themselves,
they don't need a leader.
They show pastoral care,
discussing operations
and promotions.
And the group over there
came straight from Aunt Vera's funeral.
They knew the right place to come!

Come on in,
There is plenty of history,
tastefully updated.
We like to preserve the past
but cannot afford to compromise on comfort.
After all our building need to be fit for purpose,
we are not a museum,
we are need to meet the expectations of the visitors of today.

Come on in.
I hate to mention the word money,
but I am sure you understand
but we have bills to pay,
and future developments to finance.
So dig deep into your pockets
and avoid any embarrassment!

Come on in.
Not all our drinks are alcoholic,
though our coffee isn't what we are known for!
There is plenty of room for improvement.
Gluten free?

Come on in.
We are open every day
until late in the evening,
when we will be encouraging you in your leaving.
Don't you lot have homes to go to?
Have a safe journey
and come again soon!

Come on in.
The service is swift
but admittedly may not be what you are used to.
You may have had experienced something different,
before you saw the light
and stepped through the doors
into the warmth of our congregation....
at Weatherspoon's...

"join our congregation"