Monday, 16 November 2015

Going For A Song

We moved into our new home in the summer.
Understandably people ask us how we are settling in.
We are feeling quite settled,
and that we now have the right furniture in place,
but the odd stack of picture frames reveals that the household is still in settling mode.
Hopefully, we will now be moving on a stage
where we feel certain enough about the placement of the furniture
to commit to putting some hooks on the walls.
Due to the construction of the house, this is no light undertaking.
My husband is recognising that the days when he could just launch into the brickwork with his electric drill, are over, as a more cautious approach is required.

I had planned to spend today on sorting and gardening,
but the sight of a rainbow reminded me of the world outside,
and so we headed off in search of treasure!

Leominster was our chosen destination,
as we hadn't visited it for a while and it has a good selection of second hand/antique shops.
We have been searching for a metal framed mirror to hang above our wooden mantlepiece.  We have seen several that could do,
but not one that we felt was right.

After browsing a few shops, we popped into a tearooms/antique showroom for lunch.
As we walked in a couple departed.
" I don't mind coming back later to collect it..." said the woman.

We had our lunch and then explored the antique centre,
which rambled over several floors.
Suddenly I turned a corner, and there was an art deco style mirror,
with metal patterned corners (tick) 
and had bevelled glass (tick).
"I bet it weighs a ton!" However, it was surprisingly light (tick)
It looked rather dusty, so we gave it a quick rub, trying to ascertain its condition under the coating of grime.  It cleaned up nicely (tick).
After months of sporadic searching, had we finally found a mirror worthy of our living room? Arghhhhh!
This was not a decision that would have the luxury of several weeks of cogitation.
It was going to be a 'buy now or never' decision.
"I wonder how much it is, it doesn't seem to have a price on it!"
We needed the mirror not to be wider than the fireplace,
or it would look top heavy,
so we enquired about the dimensions of the object of our attention.
"I am afraid I have just sold that mirror,
but I haven't got round to marking it as sold.
It was reduced to £29.."
So close.
So very close, and going for a song!
Ah well, that was one decision we didn't have to make!
I have a pretty good idea that the couple who left as we arrived, were the lucky purchasers!

We toured several more antique centres,
climbing steep stairs,
walking over creaky floorboards,
and delving into basements,
but all we saw were but a pale reflection of the mirror that got away...

I did spot a potential Christmas present for Barry though.
I wonder how windy laments would go down with the new neighbours....?

That really would be going for a song....