Friday, 20 November 2015

Tales of the unexpected 675439

"Snow is forecast overnight!"
"SNOW!  It won't snow!  It is only November!
"It has snowed in November most years while I have been living in Redditch..."
Reflecting back, today felt far more wintery.  But snow? Already?
I didn't really think that would happen this year!

Update Facebook status
"So is it going to snow overnight"
The reply comes back "Somewhere, yes"
Sigh.  Yes, somewhere it will snow, but will it snow here!?
Word soon reaches us of snow in Lancashire,
with snow in Cheshire hot on its heels....
Other sources report snow down south.
We are surrounded!
Inevitably a few snowflakes begin to flutter,
half-heartedly dancing in the light of the streetlamp,
like reluctant husbands, dragged on to the dance floor and waiting for the song to end before they can return to propping up the bar, duty done.
Sure enough the snow soon stops.
The ground starts to dry.
They think its all over...

A short while later, the next flurry begins, with more serious intent.
The borders are soon half hidden by a covering of snow.
I fetch in the geraniums I potted the other day.
The winters here are too harsh for them to survive outside.

As the day ends I am left wandering what will happen tomorrow.
I am due to go on a quiet day,
but the access is up a poorly maintained farm track.
If snow lies the access will be impassable.
So we wait to see if tomorrow the world will be white,
or if it has,
like my foolish dreams,
melted away!