Monday, 23 November 2015


I spent Sunday afternoon planting daffodils in the garden, investing in the future.
The weather was cold but sunny.
If I am honest I did not relish the prospect of an afternoon outside.
Hibernation would have been my first choice. However, my home is new.
I cannot rely on the endeavours of the past.
If I want to see yellow flowers in the garden in the spring, then I have to be prepared to start digging - aching wrists or not.
Have I ever told you about Redditch clay!  How it mocks my ageing body!

On Sunday evening I logged on to the final service in St Pixels.  Mark had volunteered to write this and his years of involvement and passion for sharing his faith online, were evident.  It was a great delight to see so many familiar name and avatars logging in, like a roll call from former glory days.  People who have challenged me, shared their stories with me and given me a much wider understanding of the church, than I would otherwise have had.  The chatrooms of the past were a place where it felt very safe to share.  Words that our lips may have struggled to acknowledge and shape, flowed through our finger tips. I have lost track of the number of people and situations I have prayed for online. I am very grateful to everyone who has journeyed with me.  `It was exciting, challenging and a huge amount of fun!

If it was so wonderful, why did it come to an end? Many of us sought St Pix at a particular time of need in our lives.  Most of us now have different support structures, our needs have changed and we have different demands on our time.  As a group we were too small to keep investing in rapidly changing software. Creating worship events took hours. The burden on the few was too great for the number of people we were reaching. Sadly, we realised that we had reached the point, where what we were doing was no longer sustainable.

Is that the end of Pix?   I don't think so. I think the network of people that makes up St Pixels, will remain.  Facebook is the place where most online social interaction takes place. Dedicated chatrooms are a thing of the past. Like daffodil bulbs something will remain and in time new shoots will appear if we invest in the future.

As we assembled in the chatroom for the last time, I did wonder if we were doing the right thing, but in my heart I know that the future is going to be different.  For this to come to pass we must not hold on to the present, but instead to look forward to what will be.

The future is bright, but is the future yellow?  Time will tell .
Meanwhile, thank you everyone.