Sunday, 6 December 2015


Fern looked outside
"Thank you for my warm, secure home.
For the services I receive,
which, as a resident of this place, I am entitled to!
I also thank you, Lord, that I am not self-satisfied and complacent.
I can clearly see that there are many out there who would like to be where I am.
In fact, many have travelled long distances and risked all.
Transported in vehicles, and then abandoned to their fate.
Often having to endure a long wait before they are given the opportunity of a new place to be.
Some are close by,
Others are further away.
Many have settled in and have found a place to be,
within sight of the place I call home.
I do not understand why they chose to be there,
out in the cold mud,
but I am not oblivious to them.
Maybe someone could help them find a new place to live.
Not here.
This is my home.
The place where God put me.

We cannot just let them all in!
Their numbers are infinite.
We do not have the infrastructure to cope!
Their mass is simply to great.
They would not fit in - literally!
They sing strange lament of hunger, cold and weariness.
Allowing them in would put me in danger,
they would bring diseases,
which my poor system would not be able to cope with.

A Christmas tree - how nice.
Imported of course,
but very tasteful!

No point in skimping
Christmas only happens once a year!

Now I must stop pondering about ferns, plants and oaks
and ponder on some of the more difficult issues of the day,
like how do we solve the problem of Calais?