Monday, 28 December 2015

Limbo in Lurgy Land

For as the neighbours of Zion have now seen your capture,
so they soon will see your salvation by God,
which will come to you with great glory
and with the splendour of the Everlasting. Baruch 4:24

Ugh! Is this the 2nd or the 3rd day of Christmas?  I have lost count.
I awoke from the depths of sleep, disappointed to discover that yesterday’s sore throat was still present.  I staggered down to breakfast to discover the morning half gone, and my husband itching to undertake some great garden project.  I don’t know about the neighbours of Zion, but the neighbours of Daffy Towers witnessed me hostage to deep discussion about location of paving slabs, stepping stones and water butts.  After the recent rain the garden has all the resilience of buttercream - walk across the lawn and you expect the ground to ooze out in to the surrounding gardens…

A trip to B & Q followed, where we remained unconvinced as to what  we required so we headed off to Buildland…which we found, but were not convinced that it was open (Bank Holiday).

The afternoon saw me huddled under a blanket with a hot water bottle and book, whilst my husband attacked vegetation and took advantage of the relative dryness to re-sand the path…

This season of waiting, between Christmas and the New Year, a time of snuffles and sore throats, limbo in lurgy land.  We find ourselves ourselves stranded between festivities, captured by viruses encountered during our celebrations, awaiting the glories that we convinced ourselves lie ahead in 2016. While we think of those for whom the present is hopeless misery - refugees and victims of war or flood - we look forward to a time when these things will no longer have power over us.