Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Last Day

The last day dawned bright and clear.
What shall I do with this last day of the year?

Let it rip and take a trip.
Walk a mile and climb a stile?
Walk through a wood, because I should?
Jump across a stream, fail and scream!
Climb a hill for the thrill
Drown my sorrow at the top of kilimanjaro?

Send a letter - to make things better.
Reply to every email - without fail!
Bake a cake for the old year's sake?
Write a novel whilst living in a hovel
Paint picture of a scintillating bewitcher
Share a joke with a funny old bloke.

Do the washing with loads of sloshing
Plant as tree in memory of '73.
Be a real high flier on a high wire
Write a play for each day of the merry month of May.
Go play 'Knock Door Run', because it isn't the thing that's done!
Swing from a trapeze - just please DON'T SNEEZE!!!
Cook a meal for a seal
Watch the sun go down over the town

Oops too late ;)