Saturday, 13 February 2016

All things Great and Small

I can't do perfect.
Even if I try I will fail.

This morning we were practising.
My skills are mediocre.
I used to be much better, but time has eroded my ability,
so I must remove the dust and rust
and relearn that which I once took for granted.

I could not bother,
after all who will care?
Let's face it - any small triumph will be insignificant.
Could it change the course of history?
Could it solve international disputes?
Would it remove the gnawing pain of hunger
from those who do not have enough to eat?
No :(
Will it provide sanctuary for those who live in fear?
No. :(
I cannot solve those problems,
not on my own.
These are BIG BIG complex issues,
which require the will of many
to bring about resolution,
and I hope I am willing to be part of securing that change.
But God is God of the small insignificant things, as well as these larger scenarios.
A God who knows how many hairs are on my head,
and how long my finger nails are,
cares about the little things too.
By working together in the little things,
we can make the world a better place.
The big problems remain,
but solutions are built on the small insignificant things,
that may not matter much at the time,
but are part of the jigsaw of life,
to which only our creator God can see the picture.

Meanwhile we just do our bit,
and continue to take the stuff that is beyond our control,
to him,
in prayer
and await instructions.