Sunday, 21 February 2016


The theme of the service this morning was Darkness and Destiny.
We looked at Abram & Sarai waiting 25 years for God to fulfil his promise to them,
and I wonder how many 99 year olds would relish the prospect of giving birth
and caring for a small child.
Babies, they say, keep you young,
but surely that assumes that you are not incredibly ancient  in the first place!

In the Luke reading, Jesus was  refusing to be hurried out of the range of Herod.
He knew that Jerusalem was the place where his destiny lay.
The pharisees had his best interests at heart,
but surely 'saving' the one who is to be sacrificed would defeat the purpose of his ministry...
They have no way of knowing that.
Lets face it, even the disciples had not really understood what would happen,
even thought Jesus had told them on several occasions.

The same is true of us.
We do not hear what we do not want to hear,
and it is only with hindsight that we see understand the clues,
that were there for all to see,
if they were looking in the right places,
and with god-given insight,
not the blind vision of human preconception.

It all makes me wonder what I fail to see,
to understand,
to know,
and to ponder on how much I would be prepared to suffer...

Lent, a time of darkness, and of drawing close to God within the darkness.