Friday, 19 February 2016

Looking Forward

We began ringing again in April '14. We rounded up past members of the band, checked the bells and started to brush up our skills.  In the early weeks our arms ached, and the bells protested at the sudden disturbance to their slumbers. Then we remembered grease...

Our tower is at the junction of three associations, and close to the point where the 3 branches of our own association meet - so it feels like we are in a void. We journeyed to several other towers, but we rarely had any visitors.

We plodded on.

Learners came along, some found it wasn't what they thought it was and drifted away, others were interested but it was not the right time for them to make the required commitment. Others stayed.
After a long period when we felt that we were not making much progress, we suddenly gained learners from a variety of sources.  The tower is now full, and it is great to get to know our latest influx.

A lot of time is now taken up with basic ringing. Bell handling, rounds, call changes, plain hunt.
We do not mind. The bells are being rung and people are enjoying the practises.

This evening we had enough to ring Stedman and Bob Minor - which felt like a reward for the evenings when we rang a lot of rounds.

Progress has not always been in the ways we expected, but the does not detract from the progress made. It has just happened in different ways. God's ways.

We start each session with prayer.
Ringing is also our prayer.
A call to worship.