Monday, 15 February 2016

Making Time for Memories

The sun was shining, the sky was blue...
After admiring the snowdrops at Beoley yesterday afternoon,
we were inspired to head down country
to the tiny city of Birlingham (population 325), which nestles in the crook of the Avon,
just south of Pershore -
and shouldn't be confused
with the significantly larger, and busier city situated about 30 miles to the north...

The church yard at Birlingham is planted with a swath of snowdrops, generously seasoned with purple crocuses (croci?), add a few other flowers including daffs and cyclamen.

When we arrived
the small car park beside the churchyard wall was empty
and there appeared to be only one other couple enjoying the February sunshine
in this beautiful sunny corner of Worcestershire.

By the time we had wandered around the church yard,
passed the time of day with a couple of other visitors,
and taken a the essential photos,
the car park was full
and there was a steady stream of people walking up the path...

We left them to it and headed north to our favourite pub, to celebrate our birthdays :)

Today I planned to do routine stuff - tidy the study, prepare for  Sunday, maybe do some washing...
However my husbands meetings were cancelled,
so we took advantage of the sunshine.
The tasks will still be there tomorrow, soon the spring flowers will be gone, and won't even be a memory unless we make the time.