Thursday, 18 February 2016

Sense and Nonsense

What matters?
Who matters?
When does it matter?
Who is right?
Is there one 'right', or many nuances of truth - planted with in our understanding.
or is it passed round in some random game - today I have truth, it is your turn tomorrow.
Maybe like Abram and Job, that truth is in sorrow,
or like Jonah the moaner it is best expressed in petulant outburst.
Do we thirst
for truth,
or is it let down through the roof,
flinging aside our carefully cultivated preconceptions?

I suppose
that only God know,
and when life is done
my understanding will be perfect
but it will be too late to share this news with anyone.

God has a great sense of humour,
according to the rumour
that I heard,
which spurred me on
to understanding that truth
is not all that it appears.