Friday, 29 April 2016

On the Trail of the Elusive Bluebell

April has been even more changeable than usual,
particularly during the second half,
which has been peppered with sudden short wintry showers.
We long for warmer days and stillness,
but they do not appear to be in any hurry to arrive!

The forecast was fair,
for the morning anyway...
So off we went on a bluebell hunt.
The weather was better south,
so after googling "bluebells, cotswolds"
we set of for "Foxholes" near Burford.

It was an interesting and diverse woodland,
with a variety of trees
and included areas of beach and oak.
However, the bluebells were past their best
and only the last of the many flowers remained.
Despite this we could still imagine how majestic the swathes of blue would have been.

The KHT loves exploring,
though she does find that progress is slower when I accompany her,
as there is always so much that I want to photograph...
So much beauty to appreciate within the woodland...

...and beyond.

Soon it was time to head out of the wood...

..and back down the track, taking advantage of the puddles to clean our boots...

We observed the darkening skies and headed off to Burford for lunch.

Within minutes of entering the cafe it started to snow, this was followed by hail and a loud rumble of thunder!

By the time lunch was over the skies had cleared again!
This is England in April!

The woods were very beautiful, with much to observe and admire and only the faint sound of traffic to remind us of the busy world beyond its boundaries.
Whether we can resist visiting again before the bluebell season next spring remains to be seen!