Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wake Up Call

"Are you getting up?"
"In a moment. I am just having a dream about an earwig..."
"Why are you having a dream about an earwig?"
"Well, it lives in this huge houseplant that is in the hall,
next to the stairs..."
A green lush houseplant so tall that the top of it is above the level of the landing.
However, I am not the only one who likes the houseplant,
as it has become home to an earwig and a variety of other insects.
I didn't plan on my house becoming a wildlife sanctuary
Maybe I need to replant this upwardly moving vegetation in clean sanitised bug free potting medium ...with NO wildlife.

What does the plant want?
To be an ornament,
or to be part of an ecosystem?"

I don't like earwigs.

Fortunately there is no space for any plant this tall to live in my hall,
but I am watching the ferns closely for any infiltrators...
or growth spurts...

Maybe watering them will help?