Tuesday, 28 June 2016

In The Garden

A year on and the garden is looking a lot less like a section of field barricaded behind a fence and more like a garden.  Our plans change and develop as we discover something just don't look right and others work surprisingly well.

It is amazing how a small alteration can make a significant difference.  Moving a large planter closer to the gate balances the bird bath, and frames the path to the back gate.  The change was made to stop the cat hiding behind the planter to ambush the unsuspecting birds, rather than part of a design, but it completes that corner in a way we never envisaged.  A few slabs weaving through a large border, transform a haphazard flowerbed - the subdivision providing the eye with a route to follow.  A shrub liberated from a large pot and added to a border balances the other planting. Slowly things take shape.  Plants that do not flourish, are transplanted, giving them a second chance, with different levels of sunlight and water.  The raised bed that was filled mainly with home made compost looks like an advert for Growmore.  In time we will dig and add compost to the other borders, in the hope they do as well.

The back corner with the trampoline remains unloved.  The trampoline is rarely used now, and soon it will go and we will replace it with a summer house or greenhouse.  This corner gets the last of the suns rays.  It will be good to sit and watch the end of the day from a sheltered spot.

Is a garden ever complete, or does it continue to evolve, as plants develop and grow?  I find myself reluctant to come to the end of the journey. Maybe next door wouldn't notice if I demolished the fence and annexed their land...On second thought perhaps not, for they have a dog...