Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Seasons Greetings

December sees a flurry of crafty activity, yes Christmas card making gets underway again!

In November I am too busy doing other things to get stuck in, but as December advances, so does card making. Drifts of backing from double sided tape lie around me, deep and crisp and uneven....

I like my card to have some theological significance, so they usually feature a star. I favour simple uncluttered designs. This set are mainly wooden trees on a foil back ground, with glittery stars.
Once, made and written cards need to be handed out. Sometimes the recipient looks guilty because they have not got a card at hand to give back.  However that doesn't bother me. I do not give cards just to get one back. Instead I regard them as blessings to be freely given, rather than a mutual arrangement of contractual expectation, with a penalty of being blacklisted for non delivery.

People who receive a card from me are likely to fall into one of three categories:-
Firstly, I have a small list of people I like to wave 'hello'  to - relations and friends -  it is probably the only time in the year I do, and a time when my card is likely to be lost in a sea of santas, reindeers and robins. Perhaps my New Years Resolution should be to remember some birthdays in 2017, and to actually post some cards!

The second group are people I wish to say thank you to. People who have made time to help with projects over the year, particularly relating to Mission and outreach.

The third group are my neighbours.  We live in a relatively new development. I do not see some of them very often, we just do not go out and return at the same time.  Last year I made a point of delivering a card to the houses close by, and most of the others returned the compliment.  It is good to wish each other Happy Christmas, but it also serves the purpose of reminding each other of our names, because after 18 months it is a bit embarassing to admit that you have forgotten, again!

As I work through my list, there are inevitably some people I forget.  If I didn't get round to sending you a card - I am sure that you had lots more from other people.  Treasure the ones you do receive, they have been sent with love.


Friday, 16 December 2016


Today wasn't Wednesday, but Wednesday was too busy with things that HAD to be done, and sadly the things we normally do, like go and have lunch in M & S cafe, went by the way...

Today was not Wednesday, but we had time to do the things that we did could not do on Wednesday, and so we did.

The KHT knew that a visitor was returning, so she waited to see the visitor arrive, and depart, for completeness is important.  Then we set off for lunch.

The KHT carefully selected her seat.
"Wouldn't you rather sit by the window?"
"Oh no, " replied the KHT, "I want to sit beside the Christmas Tree!" and smiled a smile only the KHT can smile, a smile that lights up her face in a way no camera can easily record.

Our food duly arrived.

Then suddenly tragedy struck....

The tree was gone!

The KHT was not impressed, as she was left with a view of a display of biscuits....!

Me, I wasn't bothered. After all I now had a tree beside me....

All the best laid plans....