Friday, 16 December 2016


Today wasn't Wednesday, but Wednesday was too busy with things that HAD to be done, and sadly the things we normally do, like go and have lunch in M & S cafe, went by the way...

Today was not Wednesday, but we had time to do the things that we did could not do on Wednesday, and so we did.

The KHT knew that a visitor was returning, so she waited to see the visitor arrive, and depart, for completeness is important.  Then we set off for lunch.

The KHT carefully selected her seat.
"Wouldn't you rather sit by the window?"
"Oh no, " replied the KHT, "I want to sit beside the Christmas Tree!" and smiled a smile only the KHT can smile, a smile that lights up her face in a way no camera can easily record.

Our food duly arrived.

Then suddenly tragedy struck....

The tree was gone!

The KHT was not impressed, as she was left with a view of a display of biscuits....!

Me, I wasn't bothered. After all I now had a tree beside me....

All the best laid plans....