Wednesday, 4 May 2016


A careless or ill chosen word.
Unrealistic expectation.
Social engagement often feels more like land mine clearance -
how many people can I offend in he least possible time?

I am part of the invisible generation -
too old to be trendy,
too young to have acquired any considered wisdom,
yet too close to the battles of life to easily dismiss the bruises.

The balancing point between right and correct leaves little margin for error.
Get it wrong and a flood of built up pain and anguish washed over you,
Wave after wave of incrimination and anger overwhelm.
Forgiveness and grace drown within this murky tide.
It is pretty depressing being a sinner.
No time off for good behaviour.
No year of Jubilee lurking in the wings to rescue and restore.
This is real life.
Forgive those who punish
but don't punish those who forgive,
for that is not the aim
of the game.

I am the leper
The untouchable
The outcast
The wastrel
The pharisee

I am the foolish
The disorganised
The tardy
The dreamer
The unrealistically optimistic
The pessimist - I mean is there any real choice?

Do not bother to identify too closely with this traits,
or I will lose the only redeeming crown of originality
Then all I can do is rely on the empty tomb for my salvation.