Thursday, 26 October 2017

Barke and the Cow Conspiracy

After all the mist and rain of the last few days, we were delighted to awake to sunshine :)
"Let's go to the moors!" declared the KHT.
We compromised with visiting Parke - an estate owned by the National Trust, just outside Bovey Tracey, on the edge of Dartmoor.

Here we enjoyed a beautiful woodland walk beside a river, with lots of safe paddling places.

The KHT tried to rescue some leaves from the river. It was a task that would be impossible to complete!

Rivers and woods are lovely places to explore and understandably popular with dog walkers. I just wish some of the dogs didn't devote so much energy to barking! You could hear them the other side of the valley!  I did wonder if they should rename Parke, Barke, as a tribute to these noisy canines and their ineffectual owners, who seemed oblivious :(

We arrived at the cafe around 1:30pm, by which time the mad lunchtime rush had subsided and we had a choice of tables.  The food had been recommended, so we decided to save our sandwiches until teatime and let someone else do the cooking. It was a good move, the food was delicious!

Lovely as Parke was, the KHT did not regard it as 'the moors' proper, so we headed off towards some more familiar haunts that would satisfy the KHT.  The sun was shining and, in sharp contrast to previous few days, it was warm!   To celebrate the sunshine we went to Widecombe-in-the-moor, in search of ice-cream. We were not disappointed!

Our journey was slightly delayed by a cow, that decided the only place to be was the middle of the road. Cars would just have to drive around her! She reminded me of Ermintrude off 'The Magic Roundabout' - in temperament, rather than colouring, I hasten to add! My husband tried driving up close, in the hope she would move, but no, she wasn't moving. So he had to reverse and drive around her....

After our ice creams, the KHT was our sat nav and took us north out of the village towards. and through Natsworthy, on a road we had never driven along before.  

We were heading towards Hound Tor, when suddenly, there ahead of us, was more cows! Had word spread that we were on the moor? Was there a 'cowspiracy'?

We passed a few, then we had to stop as there were more cows ahead.  The cows we had already passed, ambled by on the inside... How rude!

Cheeky moos! Then there were more cows! It took us quite a while to slowly weave our way through, as they would suddenly stop and start grazing if some vegetation took their fancy!

Finally, we were able to pass them all, and carried on our way

Buying a waterproof coat did the trick with the weather! Pity I didn't buy it before we came away....

Bridge Shot