Monday, 23 October 2017

Wigwams and Muddy Puddles

Sunday began with a cup of coffee in bed.
"What time is it?" I ask
"After 9."
"I guess we won't be going to morning service at Modbury, then!" I ponder. "We could go to wotsisname..."
"Where? enquired my husband.
"I can't remember the name of it. You know, the place with the rock path. It is the other side of Avonwick, but it is not far if you go by main road. I just cannot remember the name of the village!"

My husband is getting the hang of this caravanning lark. He remembered to remove the smoke detector before he put his bread in the toaster. It will cope with one slice, but anymore and the whole campsite knows what hour we breakfast!

We get in the car, agreed as to our destination, but none the wiser as to its name.
"Maybe it is saved in the satnav." says my husband, optimistically. I am both doubtful and hopeful. Doubtful that we would have been that organised, and hopeful, because the route the satnav will WANT to take, is along very narrow windy lanes that are at times little more than farm tracks.  It may be a more direct route, but if most of the journey is sub 20mph, hardly time-saving. I have come to the conclusion that in Devon sat navs require 'sane' and insane' options, so that you can make informed choices about the routes you take.

The Devon countryside looked very beautiful. We pass through Avonwick, over the humped back bridge, over presumably part of the River Avon.  We know we take the next turning on the right, we read the signpost
Now we know where we are going!

The congregation today is small in number, much less than the full church we experienced on Easter Day. They are mainly elderly with a few children. One child of between 2 - 3 years of age, kept us entertained with a one child puppet show from behind the pew back, starring a dog, a cow and tractor.  For some reason he was fascinated by our family, and seemed to think that we needed entertaining.  The service was Holy Communion, but the highlight was definitely the sermon, based on Matthew 15:15-22, which the Vicar thoughtfully had printed copies for us and got us thinking about how the Pharisees and Herodians were working together and trying to trap Jesus, and failed. Lots to ponder on. You can take the woman out of Service of the Word, but you can't take the Service of the Word out of the woman.

After the service I admired the prayer wigwam left over from Messy Church - now how can I get that into a Service of the Word...

In the afternoon we headed over to Wembury, and found some sea glass.

We then went along a very, very, very muddy coast path,
which my daughter loved, and my husband didn't...

...and ended up exploring the next beach round, which was sand and gravel with large very smooth rocks, which were easy to walk over. On occasions when we were out of the wind, it was surprisingly pleasant.

The skies turned incredibly dark,
so we thought we better head back.

However, we didn't encounter any rain until we were almost back at the campsite, where it was much wetter.

I wonder where we will be tomorrow, and what the weather will be?