Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Day We Went To Teignmouth

Friday was beautiful. Sunshine and blue skies.
"I know it is a drive" I said, "but let us go to Teignmouth. The countryside is like a soggy sponge, I am fed up of muddy, slippery pathways and wading through puddles.  At Teignmouth we can walk for miles..."
Surprisingly, my husband agreed, so off we went.
Despite the satnav, we managed to take a couple of wrong turnings, and ended up travelling along some very narrow green lanes, accidentally avoiding the congestion of Newton Abbot altogether!

Teignmouth was glorious in the sun, but our favourite cafe had closed down :(  Apparently, there was a fire back in July. and work is currently underway to make the building usable again. It would appear that the presence of asbestos complicated things....

Having arrived, we decided to use the facilities. Unfortunately, the main toilets in Teignmouth were under the aforementioned cafe, and also suffered damage in the fire. Well, I had wanted a walk, and we got a walk - the length of the promenade and back!  We then had lunch on the beach.  It was only about 15 degrees, but the beach was sheltered and had full sun, so we stayed there a couple of hours.  I wrote the important postcards, and we posted them in a small Victorian postbox. I do hope the 21st century postmen finds them!

We wandered around the town and found a coffee shop before heading off through the maze of narrow streets to the Back Beach.
A couple walked by carrying a basket, from which there came a running commentary of bemused squawks.
"Wow" said the KHT, "a parrot in a cage.... maybe it is unwell and going to the vets..."
"Oh, you mean as sick as a parrot?" I replied.

We paused to watch the ever-changing colours of the sunset over the Teign estuary and distant moors - one of my favourite places to watch the sunset.  A two bedroomed house with this view recently was on sale for £500k.  Fortunately, I do not have £500k, so I could not be tempted. Alternatively, you can sit on the beach and enjoy this view for free, which we did!