Thursday, 30 November 2017


Tuesday I was delivering angels to local houses, in the form of an invitation to our Christmas services. Our church is a modern six-sided building, based on the plan of a Swedish cinema. It lacks bells, smells and stained glass. It has no tower or steeple, just a stainless steel spire with a cross on top. It looks like a church if you know what a church can look like.  However, if your expectation of church is a Norman or Gothic pile, then you could easily drive past and just see a red-brick building...  If we want visitors to our Christmas services, then we have to remind the local community that we exist, and so we deliver invitations to our Christmas services.

If I am honest I have to admit that walking up to strangers homes is a bit scary, but I have had some lovely conversations with people I have met. I always tell the people what I am doing and ask if they know where the church is.  To date, I have not encountered any negativity.  If people are not interested they can just put the cards in the bin, but we always get visitors to our church as a result of delivering these invitations.

Wednesday morning saw us in school for Open the Book - acting out Bible stories for First school children - great fun.  This week the story was the Lost Sheep.  The KHT was trying to get her head around the implications of this story
KHT - So, if Jesus was the Good Shepherd, who was the bad shepherd?
Me - It's not really a story about a Shepherd, it is a story about us, and how no matter how far we have wandered off and done our own things, God never gives up on us.
KHT - What if the sheep don't want to be found?  What if they are quite happy doing their own thing, and do not want to be rescued?"
The KHT doesn't have a problem with Jesus. Her problem is that she wants freedom, but only if it is safe.  Like the sheep, she lacks the ability to adequately assess danger, and resents the limitations that have to be placed on her to keep her safe.  At the same time, she wants to be safe.

Thursday, more leaflet delivering. Despite the sunshine, it is bitterly cold, much colder than Tuesday! I am wearing gloves, but my hands still ache with the cold - triggering memories of soggy woolly gloves and snowball fights from my childhood. We pop in to Tesco to warm up. Actually we pop in to Tesco because we have no bread, not a lot of milk and I fancy some sausage rolls... We leave with three bags of shopping.  There is snow to the east of us, but none here.

The KHT is making plans for tomorrow, when the decorations come out of purdah and the loft.

Barry is also going down with a cold.  Three days in and I am bored of having a blocked nose , and long to be able to breathe normally.  Hibernation feels like an attractive option...