Sunday, 12 November 2017

Double Dutch

Saturday morning was ringing Double Norwich at the monthly practice at Studley church.  Double Norwich is a rather tricky piece of bellringing, which my brain finds hard to learn, as it has lots of fiddly bits of work. In order to stand a chance of staying in the right place, you need to remember what you have just done, as it is a clue to what happens next. i.e. If you finished the last piece of work with a dodge, you start with a dodge. If you have just made a place, your next piece of work will begin with a place. If all this sounds like double dutch, you are not far wrong! Double Norwich often comes to a premature halt, but when it goes well it is very musical.

Ringing complete, we headed off in search of the elusive items required for the craft activity on Tuesday.  We drew a blank at the first place, but if you like cyclamen visit Castle Nurseries - they must have a thousand of them in various sizes, but mainly in three shades - pale pink, deep pink or white...

Next we tried a garden centre.  I wandered indoors and out,
searching high and low,
through the Christmas wonderland - just in case...
Checked out the seed sections - bird and plant varieties - nope.
We avoided the cafe, as it was too near lunchtime
and headed out through the section full of gift packed biscuits and jams .
past the clothing,
and through the automatic doors.
I was just admiring the huge inflatable snowman, when my husband began gesticulating to me. Just one problem, I am outside the automatic doors and unable to return. I have checked out of the store!  He has to walk towards the doors to facilitate my return.  Behold, there in front of me is a display of just what we require, which I had managed to walk past and not see, bulbs!!
We consider the various options:
Daffodils - could grow too tall, tete-a-tete variety a possibility...
Bluebells - would take too long to grow and prefer to be outdoors.
Orientalis mix of Dutch vintage hyacinths - should cause a stink!
Hyacinths - perfect. Imagine the fragrance.... We select the 'Dutch Vintage',
as they look very healthy and have green shoots.
Adjacent to the bulbs are small packs of compost, perfect size for our requirements. This means we haven't got to either lug a large pack of garden compost or attempt to decant - both of which had the potential to end in disaster! I had been trying to decide if the granny trolly would ever be clean enough to put food shopping in again if it was requisitioned for a large bag of compost....

We made our purchases and headed home, via the garage for petrol and the church to find the knitted poppies and display them. Yes, some churches have thousands, we have four. It is the thought that counts..

I made a valiant attempt to reach my weekly target on Words With Friends and wrote the prayers for Remembrance Sunday.

Double Norwich ringing and Dutch Hyacinths - it has been a double dutch sort of day.