Friday, 17 November 2017

Winter Wanderland

Thursday came and went and included a trip to the place of miracles, where order was restored to my hair. I hibernated and blamed my malaise on the passing UFOs,
flying by in tandem,
as they do...

Evidence of passing UFOs

Friday, however, was light and bright. All was well with the world. Then we discovered that the KHT's repeat prescription for anti-allergy meds had disappeared, somewhere between the kitchen table - where she had just signed it, and the car.  We weren't going anywhere until that little mystery was solved. I checked my bag (twice). The KHT checked her bag and her coat pockets. I checked my desk (twice). We all checked the kitchen table. The prescription had vanished into thin air. Dear Husband (DH) finally tracked down the missing item, in a bag left behind in the KHT's room...

Twenty minutes later we finally depart to our first stop - the chemist, a mile away.
Step two was dropping off some paperwork.
Step three was exploring Hartlebury Common on a beautiful sunny morning.
Having examined the map at the information point, we set off vaguely in the direction of the viewpoint.


The cattle kept a close eye on us.

In the shade, the frost still lingered.
The KHT was fascinated
"Ooh look it has been frosting!"
She touched the fragile white coating, which to her surprise, instantly melted at her touch.

The KHT in 'looking into the depths' pose.

We wandered down to Hillditch Pool, a beautifully sheltered sunny spot. A couple of women sat on a bench, taking a break from dog walking. enjoying the peacefulness of the place and the unexpected warmth of the November sunshine on a frosty morning.


Hartlebury Common is an area of heathland close to the River Severn, and is surprisingly sandy. As you wander around you could easily forget that the sea is 100 miles away!

Walking back it was definitely warm enough to take my coat off, as I could feel the sun upon my back. The only fly-in-the-ointment was a man, who appeared to be unable to control his dogs that growled at us, encouraging each other in their aggressiveness. The KHT does not understand dogs and cannot work out what they are going to do. The last thing I wanted was for her to be bitten by a pug and fellow canine thug. Why do dog owners assume that any woods or open land is solely for the purpose of exercising dogs? People love these places too and should be able to wander freely without feeling intimidated by badly trained dogs.  From the poo bags abandoned near the entrance, within feet of the bins, it would appear that the dog owners do not hold the place in very high regard.  One bag was abandoned in a tree. What had the poor tree done to deserve that?

At lunchtime, we visited a nearby Garden Centre, that we have visited before, and purchased a very substantial circular plant support, for a very reasonable price.

The last time I remember visiting the Common was on a church outing nearly 40 years ago! We stopped there to have a picnic before going on to Stourport on Severn for the afternoon.
Where do the years go? It is a mystery!